I currently live in Norwalk, Connecticut with my husband and our two young sons.  Growing up, I was always drawing, painting and creating and was surrounded by industrial, resourceful, capable and artistic  family members who nurtured creativity in all its forms.   I was particularly enamored with my Aunt who was a carpenter in Maine and I have very fond memories of riding in her pickup truck to her job sites.

In 1990, when I was in a 7th grade wood shop class, I discovered the scroll saw, the anchor of my work. It was in that class where I invented my first wall mounted jewelry display for my mother. This wonderful machine remains the anchor of my work today because it allows me to blend a love of drawing with building and industrial design.

Woodworking has also brought me a sense of real belonging, creative freedom and mental peace.  My workshop is a place where I am mindful and focused, yet also free to explore and tinker and make "mistakes."  Oftentimes, this process of experimentation and tinkering is what leads me to some of my favorite designs.  Each creation is very much a result of planned and unplanned creativity that results in one of a kind finishes and designs that I may never be able to exactly recreate again.   It brings me so much joy to share my work with others.    When someone connects with a piece I've made and I send it to their home, there is a wonderful feeling I get knowing my hands created something that now has the honor of being part of someone’s personal space.