In 1990, in a 7th grade wood shop class, I fell in love with the scroll saw.  In that class, I invented my first wall mounted jewelry display for my mother as a gift for her birthday to showcase the beautiful jewelry she had collected over the years living abroad.  

A decade later, after college and falling into a career in the hedge fund industry, I began to feel a pull toward more creative endeavors and it wasn’t long before I assembled a basement workshop and opened up an Etsy shop to start selling my new designs, turning my own original drawings and patterns into three-dimensional, functional art made out of wood.


The first thing I ever made on a scroll saw in my 7th grade woodshop class in 1990 was this elephant box stand.  I keep this old project in my work shop to remind me of that spark ignited so long ago.

check out what the jewelry tree looks like "IN PERSON"

See the scroll saw in action with these time lapse videos

External cuts - this time lapse video shows the exterior shape of the design getting cut on the scroll saw.

Internal cuts - This time lapse video shows how the internal openings are cut.  First, I drill holes and then I’m able to insert the blade to cut out the inside openings of a design.